get to know me meme: [1/10] current celebrity crushes Sarah Bolger
My life has been a roller coaster, and I appreciate each moment.”

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Hairdresser: do you like it?
Me: yes thank you

*goes home and cries*

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Benedict doing the ALS Bucket Challenge

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*get down on my knees* please watch and support the maze runner in september 

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Kaya Scodelario at V Festival Day 2

Kaya Scodelario at V Festival Day 2

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I didn’t care so much about the men in my life or the people who had kind of let me down. I kind of just stopped giving a fuck. 

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Jenna Coleman about her quit rumors (x)

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What you didn’t hear, Thomas, was there’s a woman just down there who went just like “Oh, my God! He is so cute!”

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Kaya getting confused at The Maze Runner Q&A’s

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