Sometimes it’s like I’ve lived a thousand lives in a thousand places. I’m born, I live, I die. And always, there’s the Doctor. 

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don’t trust people that dislike tyler posey

why? Tyler Posey has been nothing but immature, rude, and frankly unprofessional for years now. I get that you might like him - hey feel free. But that doesn’t mean that everyone has to like the fact that he constantly tells poop, fart, or masturbation jokes. He has consistently called fans out for what they enjoy and made them feel worse about themselves. He was the main culprit this past weekend in laughing at fanfiction and calling it something kids do because they want to put the characters into sex situations. He is a selfish person who wants the spotlight solely on himself because “he’s the star” when the fact of the matter is Teen Wolf has many stars. He pushes for things involving him and ignores anything else as being unimportant. Posey is not a role model and should not be a role model. He should have been fired a long time ago and hopefully doesn’t see work in the media field until he grows up and matures.

Okay, I try not to get involved in these kinds of things but I am just so beyond the point of caring about hurting anyone’s feelings, so I’m gonna just tell you that your accusations are wrong and those accusations of yours are more than likely taken out of context as a lot of things on tumblr tend to be.

You can dislike Posey but to say shit like that? No. I won’t have it.

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« just wanted to let you know that your tmr gifs are FAB, pls PLS make more :) » — Anonymous

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"There are two types of waiting. There’s the the waiting you do for something you know is coming, sooner or later—like waiting for the 6:28 train, or the school bus, or a party where a certain handsome boy might be. And then there’s the waiting for something you don’t know is coming. You don’t even know what it is exactly, but you’re hoping for it. You’re imagining it and living your life for it. That’s the kind of waiting that makes a fist in your heart."
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Dylan O’Brien at Comic Con 2014

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Lydia in Season 4 - Orphaned

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Myers Briggs By Superpowers


INFJ: Visions of the future
ESTP: Superhuman strength
INTJ: Immortality
ESFP: Ability to freeze time
INFP: Literary manipulation
ESTJ: Power negation
INTP: Omniscience
ESFJ: Healing powers
ISFJ: Visions of the past
ENTP: Dimensional travel
ISTJ: Photographic memory
ENFP: Reality warping
ISFP: Shape shifting
ENTJ: Mind control
ISTP: Invulnerability
ENFJ: Empathic powers

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Are you sure about this? No.

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We can’t leave, they won’t let us.